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The 2019 Miss Steel Horse Rally Bikini Contest will be held on the evening of Saturday, May 4th, 2019 on the Steel Horse Rally Main Stage. The winner will receive $500 cash and prizes. Contestants must be 18 or older and must bring a current valid photo I.D. Contestants who want to compete in the People’s Choice contest can start checking-in Saturday afternoon at the Steel Horse Rally VIB tent (the second tent in the NE corner of the Vendor Village next to the mural). The exact location and time of the contest will be announced closer to the rally.

YOUR vote counts, now more than ever! Miss SHR contestants can win even more money! Contestants will get votes based the amount of money raised in the hours leading up to the Bikini Contest! Votes will be cast by dollars collected in jars. Contestants will be counting on your votes up and down Garrison Avenue from 5-7 pm on Saturday. Get your photo made with and cheer for your favorite contestant.

Please complete this form and e-mail it by April 28th to [email protected] or bring it with you along with your valid photo I.D. Contestants must be 18 or older. Check in on Saturday, May 4th at the Steel Horse Rally Volunteer/VIB tent in the Vendor Village, the second tent in the NE corner.)

In 2019, we will continue with the Steel Horse Rally People’s Choice Award Contest. People vote by placing money in the jar that is assigned to you. A contestant is not required to compete in the People’s Choice contest, but we highly encourage all contestants to participate. A contestant is eligible to win the People’s Choice Award and the Miss Steel Horse Rally Contest!

The 2019 Miss Steel Horse Rally Bikini Contest Rules:

  1. All contestants must be 18 years old or older with valid photo I.D. No exceptions.
  2. Contestants will be judged on crowd response, poise, stage presence, and how they embody the spirit of The Steel Horse Rally.
  3. Numbers will be randomly drawn for contestant order. Contestants will fill out a sheet when they check-in that they must complete and turn into the emcee before the Miss Steel Horse Rally Bikini Contest. All contestants will participate in a group photo.
  4. Numbers must be worn on the upper right hip.
  5. Contestants will be given ample time to walk in front of the judges.
  6. The contest will be emceed by SHR President and all contestants must follow instructions given by emcee. The number of finalists will be determined by the initial number of contestants. Rules are subject to change. Winner will receive a check in the amount of $500 and will represent the Steel Horse Rally Inc. at upcoming events.
  7. Only registered contestants and authorized SHR staff will be allowed in the backstage dressing room.
  8. A bikini (i.e. swimsuit) must be worn to participate. No lingerie or see-through material is allowed. Shoes and bikini must be worn at all times during the competition. No nudity allowed. No offensive clothing allowed. No props allowed during the contest. No food, drinks, liquids, smoking/tobacco products or live animals may be brought onstage on into the venue.
  9. Rudeness or bad attitudes toward other contestants or Steel Horse Rally volunteers or event-goers will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification from the contest.
  10. Contestants participating in the “People’s Choice” Award contest will be judged by amount of money raised by each contestant. Winner will receive 50% of their total collections; All remaining monies will be donated to the Steel Horse Rally Inc. Each contestant will have security with them during the contest.
  11. Smile and have a great time at the 2019 Miss Steel Horse Rally Bikini Contest!

By signing this form, I declare that I understand and will follow all contest rules. Entry into this contest gives The Steel Horse Rally Inc. absolute and irrevocable rights and permission to use any photos, video, audio or any other media of the event, and the use of a contestant’s name for marketing and advertising in any form available now or in the future if the Steel Horse Rally Inc. so chooses. I also agree to release and hold harmless the Steel Horse Rally Inc., its employees and volunteers, representatives and any vendors and sponsors of the event including Custom Awards and Engraving, and the City of Fort Smith. I hold all of these entities harmless and free from all liabilities and claims arising from participating in the event. I understand that all decisions are final. I agree to participate in accordance with “the spirit of the rally.”

The Steel Horse Rally Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity established in 2015 to benefit local charities, honor veterans, military, law enforcement and first responders, and help the local community.