New for 2021: The Poster Combo

Charitable Donation of only $20* 

Get the official 2021 Steel Horse Rally Charity Cup, seamless bandanna, 2021 Pin, and the official 2021 Steel Horse Rally poster. Only a limited number of posters were printed. The poster measures 11-in. x 17.5-in on high-quality matte finish stock. Your charitable donation helps local charities including: Antioch for Youth and Family, Buddy Smith Veterans Home, the Children's Service League and the Fort Smith Museum of History. 

*Plus standard USPS ground shipping & tax


The Official Steel Horse Rally Seamless Bandanna

Charitable Donation of only $8*

Available Exclusively online

NEW for 2021! The Steel Horse Rally Seamless Bandanna:
This multi-functional seamless bandanna can be used for everything from a gator to a headband to a mask. The lightweight, cool, flexible material is sewn in a loop and bears the official Steel Horse Rally logo on a textured background. Dip the bandanna in cold water and then place it around your neck to help you stay cool when you ride your motorcycle on a hot day. Only a limited number of these bandannas are still available for a minimum charitable donation of $8 each, or two for $15 (plus tax and standard USPS Ground shipping). Comes neatly folded in a small clear bag (that fits nicely in a saddlebag).


Steel Horse Rally Seamless Bandannas:

* Plus Tax and Standard USPS Ground Shipping


The Official Steel Horse Rally Helmet Sticker

Charitable Donation of only $3*

For your charitable donation of only $3* each of two for $5*, you will receive the official Steel Horse Rally Helmet Sticker. Made of durable vinyl with protective UV coating, this sticker is designed to stay on your helmet as you ride down the road. The stickers feature a white peel-off backing and adhere easily to most surfaces.

Helmet Sticker:

*Plus Tax and standard USPS ground shipping



Make a Charitable Donation to the Steel Horse Rally Inc.:

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Charitable donations make the Steel Horse Rally possible and enable the charity to help our community. Make a donation today. Your donation may be tax deductible. (Consult your tax professional for details.).



The Steel Horse Rally Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity established in 2015 to benefit local charities, honor veterans, military, law enforcement and first responders, and help the local community.