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Concert & Entertainment

Steel Horse Rally Concert and Entertainment

Saturday, May 5th
The Sound Room, 817 Garrison Ave., Fort Smith, Ark.
Shallow Side   |  The 4th Annual Miss Steel Horse Rally Bikini Contest  |  Bobaflex

Back by popular demand: Bobaflex will perform at the 2018 Steel Horse Rally on Saturday, May 5th 2018 in downtown Fort Smith. Also performing will be Shallow Side. Bobaflex known for “Bury Me With My Guns On,” has made their mark with covers of “The Sound of Silence” and of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You”. Plus enjoy the Miss Steel Horse Rally Bikini Contest. Proceeds from the concert benefit the Steel Horse Rally Inc. Ticket Information and VIB (Very Important Biker) Package Information coming very, very soon…


BOBAFLEX is known as one of the hardest working bands in the country. Renowned for their high energy, live shows and relentless touring the band was formed in 1998 by brothers Shaun and Marty McCoy. The brothers are known for their ancestral ties to the most infamous family feud in American history between the Hatfield and McCoy. Their eighth album titled, ELOQUENT DEMONS  features singles, “Hey You”, a passionate and sincere cover of Pink Floyd, “Lights Out” and more to be released. BOBAFLEX has wrapped touring on their 7th album ANYTHING THAT MOVES (2015) featuring singles, “Mama Don’t Take my Drugs Away” and “A Spider in the Dark”. The follow up to CHARLATAN’S WEB  (2013) that featured the singles “Bad Man”,” I’m Glad You’re Dead” and “Never Coming Back” and the album, HELL IN MY HEART (2011) that featured the singles “Bury Me With My Guns On”, “Chemical Valley” and “The Sound of Silence”. More

Shallow Side

The four-piece Cullman, Alabama-bred rockers that make up Shallow Side, have made it their personal holy mission to spread the glory of modern rock & roll as far and as wide as they can, to anyone who will listen. “The energy and excitement of rock & roll is missing nowadays, and we need it now more than ever,” believes Shallow Side’s frontman, vocalist Eric Boatright. “Our goal
is that we want to revitalize that entire genre and remind the world how rock & roll can be such a strong force in everyone’s lives.”

The proof of Shallow Side’s pure rocking prowess can be found within the deep grooves of their new EP titled ONE, which is being released by Thermal Entertainment on January 13, 2017. ONE is one tight, ass-kicking affair from the get-go, from the wham-bam all-out jam of the opening track “We Roll” to the fist-waving defiance of “Rebel” to the put-up-or-shut-up manifesto of “Fight or Flight” to their all-guns-a-blazing modern-day take on a well-loved rock classic, Styx’s “Renegade.” More

 2018 Steel Horse Rally Concert & Entertainment Lineup

Saturday, May 5th
The Sound Room, 817 Garrison Ave., Fort Smith, Ark.


Shallow Side   |  The 4th Annual Miss Steel Horse Rally Bikini Contest  |  Bobaflex

See incredible live entertainment from national recording artists and some of the youngest new talents in the country. The Steel Horse Rally has been named the Best of the Best by readers of the Times-Record for bringing top-notch entertainment each year. Plus, we take pride in celebrating new, young talented musicians and giving local artists an opportunity to showcase their talents on a stage in front of thousands. Musicians at the SHR have been known to have jam sessions together, recognize outstanding volunteers and bring them onstage, and always make the concert a fun and memorable experience for everyone!

Past Steel Horse Rally Entertainment

Mason Jar Revival
White Collar Sideshow
Scattered Hamlet
Juni Moon
Hillbilly Vegas
Backroad Anthem